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Soil Amendments

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Compost Compost- OMRI® listed and approved by CDFA, our green waste compost is an outstanding soil amendment for home gardens and farmers alike. Screened to 3/8" minus our compost is clean, safe, and healthy for your gardens, crops, or trees. Our compost is STA certified and approved by Caltrans®. Listed by WEST COAST SAND & GRAVEL under WEST COAST SAND & GRAVEL Organic Compost.



A blend of various brush and tree trimmings, this is our most popular product with homeowners and landscapers. Humus is rich in nutrients and organic matter and works great as a groundcover, amendment, or seed topper. Humus is processed to a size of 3/8” minus.

Red Humus

Red Humus Ranging in size from 0" to ¼", Red Humus is derived from 100% fir. They will beautify your landscaped areas or can be used as an organic amendment to condition your soil.

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